Hand-crafted by women in rural Zambia, these baskets honor the generations of artistic heritage passed from mother to daughter. Each hand woven fiber tells a story of culture and female empowerment through design. The baskets are intricately crafted from locallly harvested palm leaves and dyed with tree bark to get the natural variations in color. Makes the perfect catchall basket, yet it's also stunning enough to use as a stand alone piece of art. Display one or more together on the wall to bring some global style into your home. Each size has a different pattern that perfectly compliments the others. These baskets are absolutely breathtaking in person. *Due to being handmade, each piece has slight variations and may not match photo exactly. 

Handwoven Basket

  • Dimensions: 10", 12", or 13" 


    Handwoven in Zambia. 


    Fair trade empowering women to preserve their traditional craft. 


    Handcrafted from Palm Leaves and dyed with natural tree bark.