Clear out the bad vibes and bring on the calm. Our sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks are packaged in a mudcloth drawstring pouch, and are just what you need to uplift your space. This fragrant wood has natural properties that are believed to promote feelings of clarity, calm, and peace. Light the end of one stick, let it burn for a moment, then blow out the flame and allow it to smoulder in a fire-safe bowl as the cleansing smoke fills your space with its' rich woody aroma. Perfect when you or your home needs a little TLC in addition to making a wonderful housewarming gift! 



Palo Santo Bundle

  • Choose between a set of 8 sticks with a mudcloth pouch, or 5 sticks with no pouch. Approximately 4" long. 


    Pure Palo Santo wood


    Sustainably harvested in Ecuador


    Zero waste mudcloth pouch pattern and drawstring style may vary. Handmade from fabric remnants.  


    *Do not leave smouldering wood unattended.